Critter Control of Seattle takes pride in having each technician prepared and trained for each individual situation. Our technicians go through substancial training led by our senior technicians both in house, and in the field. As a whole, our team is tight-knit and prepared for just about everything that can be thrown at us.


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Mike has been serving our community through wildlife management for over 20 years.  He has been here from the beginning, and always stays enthusiastic. He is a knowledgeable, hard worker with a customer service background.  He likes specialty jobs such as beaver jobs, inspecting for bats, and overseeing repairs.  Thank you for everything you do.



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     EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT - Leif Pederson (May 2018)


The employee spotlight at Critter Control of Seattle is recognition of an employee for consistently going above and beyond what is expected.  Leif has earned the spotlight for his additional efforts beyond his daily work routine.  If his route ends earlier than expected, he often takes it upon himself to do additional duties with or without being asked to help make the office run smoother…building shelves, cleaning storage rooms, sweeping the office roof, searching out baits or tools at Home Depot on his own time, keeping his truck clean and organized, and making sure the weekend employee has equipment and phones charged to do his job.  However, his greatest traits are his positive attitude, leadership potential, willingness to learn new things, and most of all willingness to step up or work for others when we need him on his days off.  This exceptional work ethic and customer service attitude proves his loyalty and commitment to Critter Control of Seattle.  We are lucky to have him and expect great things from Leif in the future.  It is not impossible to imagine Leif in a management role some day.  Who knows maybe General Manager.

We appreciate the work you do here at the office and in the field for our customers. Thank you!