Odorous ants can range in color from dark brown to black. They have one node on their petiole which is hidding by their abdomen. A petiole is a slender stalk between two structures of their body. Petioles' are what holds together most insect bodies. One may easily mistake an odorous ant for another species, but they do have one distinct difference. When you squish an odorous ant, they will emit a foul odor, such as rotting coconut or bad blue cheese. Odorous ants live in colonies that range from 100 workers with one queen, to 100,000 workers with hundreds of queens. If they have not made their way into a home or building they can be found in garbage cans, under large rocks, in potted plants, under or in lawn furniture, in leaf litter, and anywhere else they will be protected with an abundance of food. Odorous ants are able to nest above and below ground, which is a unique feature.




Entry and Damage

Being as small as they are, they can easily gain access into your home. They can enter through very small construction gaps, through doors if they are not sealed, windows, or anywhere they can squeeze through.  They do not cause structural damage, and do not transmit diseases. However, they will raid your kitchen for all the sweets they can get their claws on. This includes fruits, sweet treats like candy, granulated sugar, and pretty much anything that has sugar in it. They can become quite a nuisance in a short period, but if they are taken care of quickly and properly you will be ant free in no time.


When it comes to odorous ants there are a couple of preventative measures that you can take to try and keep a problem from arising. Keeping food stored in sealed containers, sealing all your doors and windows, regularly cleaning, and keeping fruits off your counter are a few if you are trying to prevent them from getting inside. When it comes to outdoors, keeping your garbage in a sealed can, making sure to dispose of yard debris, checking your potted plants regularly, if you keep your pet food outside, make sure it is in a sealed container, are some ways to prevent odorous ants from taking up residence. If you have an ongoing problem with odorous ants, with our 20 plus years of experience we can help eliminate them. With the use of traditional pesticides, and our eco-friendly options; we can help rid your home of those annoying little ants.

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