Spring & Summer Wildlife Problems

Just as there are patterns of increased wildlife presence in the fall and winter, many different animals come out in the spring and summer months. Small critters like mice and other rodents are very active in the warmer season, and birds can be a serious nuisance, as well. Unfortunately for property owners, most animals are active in the summer. Critter Control of Seattle can not only trap and remove wildlife, but put preventative measures in place and offer repair services. Call our Seattle office if you've found 

Wildlife in Attics & Walls

Bat removal in summer SeattleIf you are seeing an influx of wildlife activity in your home, this is likely due to a population boom. Creatures like rodents increase their numbers at an exponential rate, and they love to nest inside your home, as it is safe from the outdoor elements and offers exceptional area and materials from which to create a nest. One of the most common pests in Seattle is rats — they are everywhere. Norway rats, like any rat, will scamper around searching for food scraps and a place to live, which will often end up being in your walls. Indications of animal activity in walls and attics include:

  • Scratching
  • Thumping
  • Footsteps 
  • Clicking

Birds in Vents

Many species of birds are present in the summer time around the Seattle area, and they can either end up accidentally flying into vents or nesting there intentionally. This can cause costly damage and offensive smells if you do not take care of the issue. Some vent types that are frequented by birds include bathroom vents, dryer vents, and kitchen exhaust vents. 

If a bird or other animal is in your vent, you will likely hear some sign of their presence, whether it is scratching or vocalizations. We can help remove these animals safely and humanely, with no damage to your vents.

Other Common Wildlife Problems

  • Mole damage in Seattle yardsSquirrels are common around urban and rural areas, as well, and despite their size, can be responsible for much damage to homes' foundations and can even cause electrical fires with their habits.
  • Bats tend to congregate in large sizes in summer, as they have just had their pups. Pups are learning to fly in summer, so they sometimes end up inside homes through open windows.
  • Moles are active in summer, causing holes and tearing up yards and other landscapes—which can be extensive.
  • Voles, a small mouse-like rodent, can also cause damage to landscapes and eat plant matter from your garden.
  • Opossums are notorious yard-damagers, as well. 

Spring/Summer Damage Repair & Prevention Services

Our customers have had great success with our wildlife prevention and repair services. Some areas of homes that are frequently affected by wildlife visitors include:

  • Eaves
  • Porch areas
  • Soffits
  • Home foundation
  • Fascia
  • Chimney

We will install prevention methods like bird netting, one-way vents, and screens to keep larger animals out, and we will ensure the smaller entry points are thoroughly located and sealed to keep even the smallest animals out.

Contact the Wildlife Removal Professionals

Critter Control of Seattle provides the surrounding areas full-service wildlife removal, control, prevention, and damage repairs. Spring and summer animal problems are no match for our top-notch technicians and cutting edge equipment and methods. Call us today to schedule an inspection and address your wildlife problem as soon as possible before it gets out of hand!