Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Here at Critter Control of Seattle, we are very experienced working one on one with other companies or businesses to rid them of their unwanted wildlife. We work with numerous companies each year, helping rid them of nuisance wildlife, and answer any questions they may have. If you think you have a wildlife problem in or around your business, take a look below at the free services we offer.

Free Commercial Services in Kent, WA

The following described commercial services are inspected for free in the city of Kent, WA only. Our office is localized to Kent, and with some customers being located so close we are able to provide these services for free, however there will be a charge for the recomended work to be completed. The commercial insect inspections we provide however, are free no matter the location. 

Commercial Mole Consultation


Do you have a flower bed or lawn in front of or around your business? If yes, then you are susceptible to moles. Moles travel under the surface, even under asphalt or sidewalks that may surround the lawn or flowerbeds.This means that no one is completely safe from a mole moving in and destroying your arrangements. Visual appeal is always a priority when people pass by, or walk into your business. Don't allow the first thing your customers see, be moles. Give us a call for more information on our mole programs. 206.317.5048



Commercial Bat Inspections

With rumors of sucking blood or attacking people, bats sure do have a name for themselves. When they find their new home in or near your business, it can deter customers from using your business, or even scare away your employees. Bats are a protected species, so the removal and exclusion of them must be humane and can only be done at certain times. Bats will leave guano on the side of your building, and will be visible for all of your customers to see. Give us a call for more information on our bat inspections. 206.317.5048




Commercial Bird/Pigeon Consultations

Bird watching is a delight, unless your watching them from the parking lot in front of your business. Bird droppings are extremely acidic, and will eat away at the paint on your building. Their droppings also pose a health risk for your customers and employees, salmonella and histoplasmosis can be fatal, and these are only two of the many diseases that can be contracted. The more, and more bird droppings covering your business, the less your customers will be enticed to go inside. Bird droppings are easy to slip on, and if a customer or employee falls the wrong way you could be looking at a lawsuit. For more information about our commercial bird inspections, give us a call. 206.317.5048


Commercial Insect Inspections

Whether you have a restaurant or a lumber company, insects can be health risks, destroy materials, and can cause devastation. Our free insect inspections will give you the peace of mind knowing what insect you are dealing with, what damage they can do, and how severe your situation is, all free of charge. From cockroaches and spiders, to wasps, ants and fleas, we will make sure your business is pest free. Not only do we offer traditional pest control services, but we also offer environmentally friendly options as well. You wouldn't want carpenter ants chewing through materials, or roaches in the soup pot do you? Neither do we, so give us a call for more information about our free insect inspections. 206.317.5048 


Free inspections do not apply to animals on the outside, or in the living space of the structure, any repairs, or repellents.  All other situations are determined on a case-by-case basis, so please call us at 206.317.5048 to see if your animal problem qualifies for a free inspection.

Critter Control has offices throughout the United States and Canada. If you are not in the Seattle area, please call 1-800-CRITTER or visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control office near you. We have all of the professional wildlife management solutions you need.