Wildlife Damage Repairs

Critter Control of Seattle offers professional repairs to damages done to your home by wildlife animals. Raccoons are strong animals that can tear through almost any building materials, and moles are persistent pests that are able to tear up an entire yard in a short amount of time. 206.317.5048



Eaves are a common place for birds to roost, or for animals to take shelter and eventually make their way inside your home. If these areas are not blocked off, it can mean trouble if a critter takes up residence. Our inspectors will take the time to analyze your home or building to ensure areas like this do not become problematic.  206.317.5048



Bird Netting Work

To the left is an example of our repairs in a home entrance performed by our technicians, to prevent birds or other critters from nesting or perching.Birds perching outside of buildings will make a mess of droppings and feathers. Acids contained in bird droppings will erode the paint off of buildings, creating even more damage. Many birds are also capable of destroying entire fields of crops or vegetation. 206.317.5048



Soffit Gap Repair with Decomesh

Flush soffit gap to prevent rodent entry.Rodents will pull insulation and chew electrical wires creating extensive damages and quite the electrical fire hazard. Critter Control of Seattle can complete damage repairs, including soffit gap repair, to prevent rodent entry and the damages the rats, mice, and squirrels can create. The decomesh does come in 3 different colors, which will make it easy for you to choose a color that will match your home. 206.317.5048





Foundation Vents

Sealed foundation vent to prevent access from critters.Foundation vents are a common point of entry. A foundation vent that has been compromised can lead to opossums, rats, mice, raccoons, and more, nesting in your crawlspace. This can cause damaged and soiled insulation, as well as damaged pipes or wiring. Some of these animals are known for chewing relentlessly. 206.317.5048





Entry point sealed with caulking.Caulking prevents smaller critters from getting through the gaps. Mice can not only climb, but also fit through very small holes. Bats are known to fit through 1/8th of an inch gaps, this means that although a slight gap that looks like nothing, can potentially be an access point. 206.317.5048






Entry points blocked, and fascia has been reinforced with L-flashing. When critters gain access to your attic or crawlspace through your fascia, it can not only cause you hundreds of dollars worth of damage to your fascia, but it can also destroy your gutter system. Squirrels, rats, mice, bats, and even an occasional raccoon may find it's way into your home to nest through these areas. 206.317.5048




Roof Vent Guard

Roof vent guards need reinforcement to keep birds and other pesky critters from gaining access into your home. Birds such as starlings, are known to nest inside these vents, lay eggs, and make a mess. Birds are not the only critter that can get inside these vents. Squirrels, rats, mice, and numerous other critters can find their way into your home without the proper preventative measures. 206.317.5048




Foundation Gaps

Foundation gaps are one of the most common spots for little critters such as mice and rats to gain access into your home. With keen eyes, our inspectors will find each gap that can pose a potential problem, or that is being used as an entry/access point. 206.317.5048