Critter Control of Seattle takes pride in having each technician prepared and trained for each individual situation. Our technicians go through substancial training led by our senior technicians both in house, and in the field. In a whole, our team is tight knit and prepared for just about everything that can be thrown at us.

Meet the Team

Mike Mead


Mike has been serving our community through wildlife management for over 20 years. He has been here at Critter Control of Seattle since the beginning, and always stays enthusiastic. Mike is an asset to our team, and is exceptional at everything he does.




Damon Mackey

Repair Technician

Damon is one of our repair technicians, and has been with Critter Control of Seattle since 2016. From manuvering around in tight crawlspaces to being harnessed to a roof, Damon is passionate and determined to help resolve our customers wildlife issues. He is always positive, and takes the initiative to get the job done quickly, and properly.