12.08.17 - Raccoons Show Off Their Intelligence in Aesop's Fable Experiment
We know that raccoons are smart, but this experiment takes their intelligence to another level.  This scientific demonstration was inspired by Aesop’s fable, “The Crow and the Pitcher,” to study if and how
12.04.17 - Hantavirus Cases in Washington State
Hantavirus Cases in Washington State Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a rare but fatal disease that can be contracted when humans are exposed to rodents that are infected.  Exposure can happen through an infectious bite, touching mouth
09.07.17 - West Seattle Toddler Survives State's First Case of Raccoon-carried Parasite Illness; Baylisascaris
One month ago, King County Public Health went public with alarming news: A toddler somewhere in the county had become severely ill with a rare disease linked to parasites found in raccoon droppings. It’s so rare that this was
08.03.17 - WDFW Seeks Comments on Review of Fisher, and 5 While Species
WDFW seeks comments on draft  status reviews for fisher, 5 whale species     WDFW seeks comments on draft status reviews for fisher, 5 whale species OLYMPIA – State wildlife managers are seeking public input on
08.03.17 - White Nosed Bat Syndrome Update
May 2017 Update In mid-April 2017, a local rehab facility that specializes in rescuing bats, received a call about a bat unable to fly near North Bend in King County. A WDFW biologist responded and located the bat, which had died before he arrived.
04.30.17 - Seattle Critter Control Vlog #2
It is baby season! Watch Mike and Leif discuss baby season and raccoon control. Raccoons may cause harm to humans when approached. It is best to call the professionals of Critter Control!   Critter Control of Seattle - Blog