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Not only is Kent the 6th largest city in the state of Washington, it is also the second oldest incorporated city in King County. Before it's incorporation in 1890, Kent was mainly an agricultural area and was settled by westerners in the 1860's. During the period between 1880 and 1891, hop farming was the main source of income. After an invasion of aphids that destroyed farmers production of hops in 1891, they turned to dairy farming. However this was short lived due to the danger the river posed when heavy rains came, and began to flood the area. This once agricultural city has now turned into an industrial hub, with residential areas and beautiful parks here and there. Shopping and entertainment can be found throughout Kent, and is a common destination for sporting events at the local ShoWare Center. Although Kent has developed throughout the years, it is also a common destination for wildlife.


Common Wildlife

Common wildlife in Kent includes anything from rodents, raccoons and squirrels, to birds, bats and skunks. Please refer to Critter Control of Seattle for wildlife advice or help. Not only can we help rid you of your critter through trapping and other services, we also offer additional services such as repairs, repellents, and more! You could call us the one-stop shop for pest control.


Wildlife Damage

 Unfortunately with older cities, there can be more problems with damages caused by  wildlife. Older structures means more wear  and tear, which can lead to more areas  accessible to animals who are looking for a  new home, or a place to nest. In Kent  we have dealt with everything between  raccoons and squirrels nesting  in attics, to  rat infestations and bird damage control.  Here at Critter Control of  Seattle not only  can we help remove your pest, but we can  clean up after them once  they've gone.  Many times when an animal nests in a  crawlspace or attic they will  leave fecal  matter, hair, and nesting materials behind.  These can cause vile smells,  and also pose  a health risk to the residents of the home.  No matter the situation we  can help you  with your wildlife problems. The fact of the matter is, everyone deals with wildlife. You are not alone. 206.317.5048



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