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The fifth largest city in Washington, Bellevue, has a skyline of gleaming high rises of booming businesses, and a small town feel in the woodsy neighborhoods. The city’s name is derived from a French term for “beautiful view” and with a vast network of green spaces, miles and miles of nature trails, public parks and swim beaches, it would be hard to deny it.

Common WildlifeOtter Damage in Bellevue Washington

Bellevue still has many critters that interact in the urban environment and come into contact with its residents. Some of the animals we have dealt with in Bellevue have been from the smaller critters such as bats, moles, rats and squirrels to the larger animals such as raccoons, coyotes and beavers. Please refer to the professionals at Critter Control of Seattle for advice or help. We handle the trapping, assessments, reinforcements and clean ups if need be for many wildlife issues. You could say we are the one-stop shop in pest control.

Wildlife Damage

Bellevue has an eclectic wildlife scene. With Lake Washington on the West Beaver Damage in Bellevue Washingtonand Lake Sammamish on the East, Bellevue has many avenues for wildlife to interact with its residents. We have dealt with some animals that cause damage to houses as well as houseboats. Otters would jump onto docks or peoples’ boats, defecating everywhere, or attack their pets.Beavers would start building dams along waterways, sometimes near residential and commercial locations, causing water to overflow into areas. Rabbits have become a growing nuisance in parks by eating ornamental plants or manicured landscaping that people paid good money to take care of. Occasionally, we have been called out for coyotes terrorizing a neighborhood.





The fact of the matter is, everyone deals with wildlife. You are not alone. 206.317.5048Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

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